Getmoksha.com is an initiative of Dfinit Business Solutions and Moksha Environmental Foundation formed in the year 2017.

Getmoksha.com is such an online portal which sells products that are only VEGAN.

 This online portal ensures for you , that all the products you use in your day to day life is not harming the environment or our fellow beings in any way .

It makes it easy for all those who have to research a lot and go through each and every ingredient of a product to ensure that it is cruelty free. Getmoksha helps you make compassionate and ethical choices and also educates you about the amount of destruction caused to the environment when you don’t follow a vegan diet . Vegan diet is the only sustainable choice you can make for the environment.

Getmoksha.com understands that in this busy lifestyle and with lack of time , it is difficult for every person to consciously and patiently go through every ingredient to ensure if the product is cruelty free. That may be one of the reasons why there is a good sale of products which cause destruction and havoc to the environment and of products which are derived brutally from animals causing utmost torture and are barbaric.

Getmoksha.com will also try to bring out truths in its blogs which many industries want to hide from the people. Also it would try to create awareness about topics which actually needs to be given importance.

We meticulously investigate the derivation of all ingredients and components of the products we sell, and we do not offer goods from companies that test on animals.

Getmoksha.Com is an attempt to give a boost to products that are manufactured ethically and to bring together all such suppliers and companies under one roof.

Getmoksha.com will also make sure that some of its profits will be directed towards the betterment of the environment as we are already in the process of forming our N.G.O under the name “Moksha Environmental Foundation “

So, now don’t get tired of reading labels or researching ingredients! Trying to live a conscious lifestyle but failed?? We’ve done the work for you — so shop confidently and be sure that any product you use from Getmoksha.com is not screaming harm, pain, torture, cruelty, confinement and brutality.

Every product that leaves our store is a vote in favor of supporting the environment, helping you make ethical, compassionate and sustainable choices. Getmoksha supports veganism which is an Ahimsa lifestyle . It is always better to lead a conscious life everyday than contributing a sum of money to an N.G. O occasionally or in old age just to satisfy your feeling to be noble. Bring a change , don’t buy satisfaction .

Get ready for a conscious living . Go VEGAN GET MOKSHA


We bring together as many vegan products as possible under one platform so that you do not have to go through every ingredient in a product and waste time and energy bifurcating vegan products from other unethical products. Every product you wish to buy from getmoksha is vegan.


We intend to reach out to as many vegan product suppliers as possible so as to give a boost and encourage vegan product manufacturers. Also to make vegan products readily available to people who wish to lead an ethical and conscious lifestyle.


Getmoksha.com is an initiative of Dfinit Business Solutions(2012) and Moksha Environmental Foundation formed in the year 2017.


As vegan lifestyle is still at an infancy stage in india , it may not be possible to bring a substitute for every non vegan product in our website . Also , as food is a perishable item we do not deliver food products outside pune , but would definitely be happy to make available cosmetic and fmcg’s all over India . Also if you have any complaints, please do let us know and if you are a satisfied customer please let others know .

He is the founder of Dfinit Business solutions , a financial management consultancy firm based in Pune . The concept of a portal having only ethically produced goods interested him and found this worthy enough to associate Getmoksha.com with Dfinit Business Solutions

She has balanced her career well with degree in management studies along with working in tamil films with reputed production houses and being an anchor for TV shows. She herself has faced a lot of problems and invested a lot of time finding out FMCG’s and alternative substitutes for unethically produced goods. Another problem she faced is unavailability of cruelty free goods readily. That is how the idea of getmoksha.com popped up as such a portal would have simplified the needs of a conscious buyer.